Tree Surgery North East

Tree Surgery North East Fast growing trees can cause many problems to both the domestic and commercial clients. Altogether Greener offer a tree surgery service where by we can maintain nuisance trees on your property. The service includes removal of dangerous or nuisance trees, as well as consultation and treatment of infected trees. Altogether Greener offers environmentally approved solutions to hedge cutting and hedge trimming services for both domestic and commercial customers. Regular trimming of large or small overgrown hedges encourages new growth and a healthy shrub. Overhanging tree branches can also be very hazardous. Altogether Greener has the necessary safety equipment and surgery tools to remove overhanging branches safely.

As well as removing and trimming of trees we also site surveys and tree surveys to identify any root damage, infection control and removal, identification of trees for retention or removal, and 
give recommendations for any remedial works which may be required to trees that are to be retained with safe protection zones for the trees.

We can also act as intermediaries during planning and development, liaising with the local authority planning department, architects and sub-contractors when clearing sites with trees and hedgerows on.

Prior to commencing work on your tree we will contact the local planning authority/council tree officer to confirm if your tree is protected with a Tree Preservation Order or is growing in a Conservation Area.
There are various types of pruning we offer;
- Pruning to encourage the establishment of a good branch structure and canopy 
- Removal of branches to give a higher crown to the tree giving more clearance above ground level.
- Removal of all branches leaving just the trunk a last resort for damaged trees
- Removal of a proportion of the smaller branches to reduce the leaf area of the canopy. This will produce an even canopy of foliage on the tree.
Tree Surgery North East
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